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Spotify's latest privacy scandals

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What's the most privacy friendly option?

These are two real privacy practices from Spotify's privacy policy. What would you say is the most privacy friendly?

Option A
...on and other information which are set to “public” in your settings, such as playlists, may be used, re-shared or linked to by others on the Service or others across the web, so please use Spotify carefully and manage your account settings regularly. Remember that if you make profile content private, others who already subscribe to or otherwise have the details of such content will still have access to it. Also keep in mind that playlists and other content added to your profile may include personal information, such as username, which could enable other persons to find you in the Spotify Service or other services.
Option B
Contact us If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at privacy@spotify.com. Changes to the Privacy Policy We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please visit this Privacy Policy regularly. If we make changes which we believe are material, we will inform you through the Service.

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Spotify's main privacy threats

Your data might be sold

Spotify might sell your data to governments, individuals or companies.

Ads have your data

Spotify might hand information about you to advertisers for marketing purposes.

Data is kept forever

Spotify may keep your data indifenitely and never delete it.

Your data is misused

Spotify might use your data in ways you don't intend them to do.

How to delete your Spotify account and data

Deleting your Spotify account is easy. Just click here to delete your Spotify account and data.


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Spotify's privacy policy, exposed

2 very concerning threats

1.98% of their privacy policy contains very concerning risks.

22 milder threats

As much as 21.78% of their policy is something you should be worried about.

0% privacy friendly

Only 0.0% of the whole document proves they're concerned about your privacy.

Sentence breakdown by risk level

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